Hi there! I’m Cameron, a 23 year old MMath graduate and PhD student at University of Nottingham in Mathematical Physics studying quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, and acceleration radiation.

I’m a language enthusiast and a proud owner of 90+ language related books. My main languages of study are German, Japanese, Spanish, Latin, Polish. However, I also have a working knowledge of: Italian, French, Esperanto, Yiddish, Swedish, Afrikaans.

I have been known to play some music; before university, I was a session musician, playing: piano, saxophones, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and recorders in various musicals including: The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, Oliver!, Oh! What a Lovely War, Happy Days, Sunshine on Leith, Anything Goes, Billy Elliot… I’ve done a fair few! Unfortunately the recorders don’t often get much love but check out some of my recorder quartets on my Soundcloud at the bottom!

Have a look around and check out my blog posts on various languages, what I’m up to, and features in linguistics!