Hungarian: The Story Thus Far

Recently I decided that I would start to learn Hungarian, little did I realise the undertaking at hand. I have, however, had help along the way. A few weeks ago I purchased “Colloquial Hungarian” from the Routledge series, which is a good book, though it seems a little stagnant learning from it as a single resource for learning the language, mainly because you come across so much vocabulary in a short space of time that it becomes overwhelming! That’s when I decided to find a teacher through iTalki. For those of you who don’t know, iTalki is a website whereon you can find a teacher to teach you virtually any language! Here I found my teacher and began. It was amazing, learning the basics of an introduction, then came the prepositions and I was loving it! -t from accusative, -k for plural, -nak for dative, -bal for into, – ba for in, -böl for out of; these are just some of the basics of Hungarian grammar – the aspects that scare most people off but have only gotten me hooked! Unfortunately, due to starting university again on Monday, I have become out of practice but I am determined to continue with Hungarian! A friend at university is Hungarian, who has agreed to help me, plus part of my family are from Hungary so I want to succeed!

It has been such a long time since I last wrote a post but I hope soon to do an overview of Hungarian, what I’ve learned so far and see how that goes. I will get back into writing more about linguists soon!


2 thoughts on “Hungarian: The Story Thus Far

  1. I’ve recently decided to learn Dutch, but I’m kind of at a stand-still as to where to actually *start*. I was thinking of getting a book with CD recordings, and then from there, after I’ve at least familiarized myself with the basics, going with iTalki or similar. What do you think?


    1. Hi Richard, I think it helps to get speaking as early as possible! That’s what I’ve found at least; there are so many tutors on iTalki etc that you’ll be able to find a tutor with whom you click and really enjoy learning the language. Listening to the CD will definitely aid pronunciation though so you get your ear and mouth used to the sounds.

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